20/21 coffee harvest is 96% complete in Brazil



The harvest is well on its way to completion. Last week’s rainfall slightly broke the pace and can affect the quality of the coffees that were drying on the ground, but the percentile is small. In general, the crop profile was not affected, preserving good quality in terms of cup and bean size.

The weekly survey by SAFRAS indicates that until August 25, the harvest of the 20/21 season in Brazil reached 96% of the production preliminarily estimated at 68.10 million 60-kg bags. With that, 65.31 million bags have already been reaped. The work remains below the same period last year, when it reached 99% of production in the same period, but already slightly above the 5-year average for the period, with 95% reaped.

In the case of arabica, the harvest is 94% complete, against 98% at the same time last year, and 94% on average over the last 5 years. The conillon harvest has already ended.