Brazilian physical coffee market remains very firm


The rise in the dollar offsets the losses on ICE US, and coffee prices remain very firm in the Brazilian physical market. The short supply and doubts about the production of Brazil’s 2022 crop keep sellers on the defensive, which increases the distance between the ends and helps to draw liquidity from business. Arabica good cup from the south of Minas is trading around BRL 1,085 to 1,100 per 60 kg bag in the physicals. Fine cup from Cerrado is indicated from BRL 1,100 to 1,120 a bag, with fine cherry reaching BRL 1,140 to 1,150 a bag. The market has changed very little and is still close to the highs, which confirms the strategy of slowing down trading adopted by sellers.

Arabica with weaker cup regains value, given the limited availability. Arabica rio with 20% of defects in the region of Matas de Minas is indicated at BRL 990 to 1,000 per bag, depending on buying interest. Conillon type 7/8  in Colatina, Espírito Santo, is trading at BRL 725 a bag. Very firm market, given the internal demand.

Domestic industry remains aggressive, especially in the case of roasted and ground coffee, which ensures support for domestic demand descriptions. The indication for ​​arabica hard cup with 600 defects between BRL 1,020.00 and 1,040 placed in São Paulo and Paraná. Rio coffee with 25% of defects from Matas de Minas is pegged at BRL 950.00 to be withdrawn.