Brazil’s 2021 coffee harvest is 40% complete


Work is advancing, with a drier climate favoring coffee harvest and processing. The arabica and conillon harvest has kept a good pace, despite some delay. The weekly monitoring from SAFRAS indicates that, until June 22, Brazilian growers had reaped 40% of the 21/22 crop, or 22.86 mln from the estimated output of 56.50 mln bags. The work progress is slightly below the same period last year when it reached 41%, and below the 5-year average for the period (44%).

The arabica harvest is 27% complete, against 32% in the same period last year and 35% of the historical average for the period. The profile remains positive, both in terms of graining and cup quality. Even so, it is too early to have a firm opinion about the crop.

The conillon harvest is already 63% complete, in line with the same period last year. However, it is still below the 5-year average of 69%. Slower maturation, which delayed the start of work, and this year’s larger crop explain this performance.