Climate of corn in Brazil in October already worries


     Porto Alegre, September 28, 2020 – The soil moisture level is not necessarily the central point to allow a safe planting start in Brazil. However, the expectation of rain ahead ends up being the fundamental point. Some locations in the country have already started planting soybeans, while in the southern region, the corn planting has been started. A favorable climate in October will be fundamental for the good development of the crops already planted. October is essential to offer a good planting window for the 2021 second crop.

     The rain received in some locations in the second week of September was not enough to bring comfort to the good initial development of the summer crop. The only region that presents a favorable condition and good crop development is Rio Grande do Sul and south of Santa Catarina. The rain has been more regular, with a normal advance of planting and development. Most growers decided not to replant and bet on some recovery of crops, which must affect the potential productivity this year. In the extreme west of Santa Catarina, southwest and south of Paraná, continuous rain is needed from now on.

     The big issue is that Brazil comes from a very dry winter and needs continuous rain from now on to keep the summer crop going. There are soybean plantations carried out with dry soil in Paraguay, western Paraná, and western Mato Grosso. But the concern with corn is not over the summer planting dates, but on the window for planting the second crop. If the rain continues delayed and soybeans prolong the planting to the end of October and November, we will again have a late window, February/March, for planting the second crop. At this point, besides putting the harvest back into August/September, there will be a greater risk with the climate next fall. We must remember that in states such as Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, the rainfall volume may decrease earlier than normal, and the risk of frosts increases.

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