Coffee sales reach 34% of potential of Brazil’s 2021 crop


Business with Brazil’s 2021 crop has progressed rather slowly. Despite the surge in prices, caution about production has prevailed. The long drought worsened the moisture conditions in coffee areas, jeopardizing the already low productive potential of Brazil’s 2021 crop, interfering in the sellers’ decision-making.

Besides, growers are capitalized with good sales of Brazil’s 2021 crop. Thus, they tend to manage the commercial flow in a more balanced way, especially in this period of transition between seasons. They must keep watching the harvest progress and the coffee quality profile. But they also continue betting on the ‘weather market,’ which has been agitated by the Brazilian winter and, with that, on new commercial opportunities.

    Until May 13, the sales of the 21/22 crop reach 34% of the potential production, according to the Safras’ monthly monitoring. The percentage of sales is higher than in the same period last year, when it was around 28%. The sales flow is also above the 5-year average for the period (around 21%). Arabica commercialization continues to stand out and reaches 41% of Brazil’s 2021 crop, well above the average for the period, which is around 23%. Conillon sales, in turn, gained momentum, even with the crop already started. The surge in the price of arabica made the domestic industry look for more conillon. All this explains the sales of 24% of Brazil’s 2021 conillon crop, against the average of 15% for the period.