Dollar and ICE guarantee firmness to Brazilian physical coffee market


The dollar’s high and the test of new resistances on ICE support coffee prices in the domestic physical market. Higher prices stimulate sellers. Logistical problems, typical of a large crop, begin to emerge. Crowded warehouses and lack of trucks, by the way, inhibit some negotiations in the physicals. Some buyers are asking the postponement of the product receipt and preferring to negotiate with delivery in their warehouses. The impression that remains is that there are more sellers than buyers, which alleviates the external stimulus.

Good cup in the south of Minas rose from BRL 585 to 590 a bag, with certified lots exchanging hands around BRL 600 a bag. Same level as in Mogiana, in São Paulo. Fine coffee from Cerrado de Minas indicated between BRL 605 and 610 per bag. A very attractive price level, which justifies the interest on the part of sellers.

Rio coffee rises to 420 per bag in Matas de Minas region, finding support in the small physical availability. Conillon type 7 from Espírito Santo is indicated at BRL 390 per bag in Vitória, following the dollar and ICE.