Harvest continues at a good pace and hits 34% of Brazil’s 2021 coffee crop


The harvest is picking up pace, despite the increasing moisture in some producing regions. The arabica harvest is still slower and quite delayed, while that of conillon has resumed a good pace over the week. The weekly monitoring from SAFRAS indicates that, until June 15, Brazilian growers had reaped 34% of the 21/22 crop, or nearly 19.37 million bags from the estimated production of 56.50 million bags. The work progress is in line with the same period last year, but still below the 5-year average for the period (36%).

The arabica harvest reaches 21% of production, against 26% in the same period last year and 28% of the historical average for the period. The first impression about Brazil’s 2021 arabica crop is positive, both in terms of graining and cup quality. Despite the optimism, it is still too early to draw a deeper profile, not least because the effect of the lack of rain in April and May must appear in the later harvest. In any case, the quality profile of the crop remains positive.

The conillon harvest is 55% complete, already above the 54% of the same period last year. However, it is still below the 5-year average of 59% for the period. The slower maturation, which delayed the start of work, and this year’s larger crop justify this performance.