Heavy widespread rainfall for coffee areas over next few weeks


                There are growing conditions for the advance of a cold front, which must bring heavy widespread rain to coffee areas. For the next 7 days, rainfall accumulation may hit 100 mm in Cerrado and south of Minas Gerais, and in Alta Mogiana, which helps to replenish soil moisture. In the north of Paraná, Alta Paulista, Matas de Minas, Espírito Santo, and in the south of Bahia, the accumulated volumes will be smaller, varying between 20 and 50 mm. More intense rain will happen on Friday (5). Temperatures decline on the weekend, with peaks below 25 C.

                Moisture will continue over the Southeast region of Brazil until at least the end of the second week of February. In the period between February 8 and 14, the accumulated precipitation must reach 100 mm in Alta Mogiana, Cerrado and south of Minas Gerais. In the south of Bahia, the accumulated value must not exceed 20 mm, and in Espírito Santo, Matas de Minas, Alta Paulista, and northern Paraná, 20 to 50 mm.