Line-up points to unusual soybean imports in Brazil in november


Porto Alegre, November 23, 2020 – The schedule of shipments at Brazilian ports indicates a volume of 787 thousand tons of soybeans for November, according to a survey carried out by SAFRAS & Mercado, with data up to November 16. To date, 619 thousand tons had been exported. In October, 2.173 million tons were shipped.

From January to November, the line-up points to the shipment of 82.247 million tons. In the same period last year, exports hit 69.968 million tons. There are no export registrations for December.

Highlight on unusual movements of imports by Brazil, with soybean and soyoil cargoes reaching the ports of Rio Grande, Paranaguá, and Itacoatiara. According to the line-up, in October a cargo of 5,000 tons of soyoil was unloaded in Paranaguá.

For November, registrations point to the arrival of 30.000 thousand tons of soybeans in Rio Grande, while a cargo of 32.898 thousand tons has already been unloaded. Still in Rio Grande, a cargo of 5.000 thousand tons of soyoil has already been unloaded. For Paranaguá, registrations point to the unloading of 29.100 thousand tons of soyoil, while cargoes with 29.355 thousand tons and 5.000 thousand tons have already been unloaded. In Itacoatiara, a cargo of 9.743 thousand tons of soyoil has already been unloaded.

For December, a cargo of 30.000 thousand tons of soybeans is registered for unloading in Paranaguá, with U.S. origin.