Polar air mass loses strength and temperatures gradually rise in coffee areas


The polar air mass loses strength, which makes temperatures a little higher in the Center-South region of Brazil. Last Tuesday (20) frosts were intense and widespread, causing damage to coffee plantations in Paraná, São Paulo, and southern and Cerrado regions of Minas Gerais. Because of the presence of the polar air mass, the weather must remain dry in coffee areas.

Early next week, the arrival of a cold front must bring light rain to Paraná and especially to the east of São Paulo. Storms are also expected in the south and east of Minas, with moisture reaching Espírito Santo. The weather must remain dry and with rising temperatures in Rondônia and Cerrado de Minas Gerais.

Between July 28 and 30, a new mass of polar air must advance through the south of the country, causing a sharp decline in temperatures, but it loses the strength when reaching northern Paraná, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais, where temperatures are expected to drop, but with lows above the level of frost risk. Forecast from Rural Climate.