SAFRAS reduces soybean production estimate in Brazil


    Porto Alegre, December 15, 2020 – Brazilian soybean production in 2020/21 must total 132.498 million tons, an increase of 5.5% over the previous season’s crop, which stood at 125.619 million tons. The updated estimate was released by SAFRAS & Mercado on December 11. On October 30, the date of the previous report, the projection was 133.52 million tons. There was a decrease of approximately 1 million tons in the production estimate due to some climatic problems.

With the planting nearly finished, SAFRAS indicates an increase of 2.9% in the area, estimated at 38.415 million hectares. In 2019/20, the planting occupied 37.347 million hectares. The survey indicates that average productivity must rise from 3,466 to 3,501 kilograms per hectare.

There were a few negative adjustments in the expected average productivity of some growing states in the Midwest, Southeast, and part of the South. Although it is still early for definitions, the irregular climate registered since September in most of the country brought some regional problems, mainly in the states of the central strip of the country.

It is still soon to cogitate major production losses at national level, but regular weather is needed for the coming few months so that crop conditions do not worsen. Even with the current negative adjustments, a new record crop must be set should the weather allow it. Copyright 2020 – SAFRAS Latam