Sales of Brazil’s 2021 coffee crop are around 21% of potential production


    Coffee sales of the new season, on the other hand, stopped despite the higher and more inviting prices for sellers. In regions that traditionally start selling earlier, the percentage committed is already quite high. Growers have staggered positions since last year. The high commitment associated with the fear of production losses, given the forecasts for Brazil’s 2021 season, ended up inducing a retraction in supply, which took away liquidity from business. Many growers are afraid to sell but fail to deliver.

    The preliminary monitoring of SAFRAS indicates a percentage of sales of the 21/22 crop around 21% (28% of arabica and 9% of conillon). There is no comparison with the same period in other years. Sales in the south of Minas are around 37% of the crop potential, while in Cerrado it is 49%, and in São Paulo 41% (with highlight on Mogiana region). A significant committed volume, which justifies the sellers’ caution.