Second corn crop planting evolves normally


    While the corn summer crop has been slowly reaped and meeting a regional short-term demand, the second crop of 2020 is being planted normally. The planting environment begins to improve for a slightly higher forecast of planted area in certain regions, and now the concern is over the weather condition ahead.

    The weather continues neutral at this moment and must remain so during the first semester. Therefore, the 2020 second crop will continue on this phenomenon and with varying possibilities on rainfall and temperatures. For the time being, medium-term maps, until July, show no trend of serious situations for the second season weather. Less rain in the Midwest is normal in the fall, some decline in temperatures and spotty frosts in Paraná in May and June are also perfectly normal.

    For the second half of the year, maps begin to reveal the possibility of moving to La Nina, which suggests a greater concern with the summer crop of 2020/21 in the Southern region of Brazil and in Argentina.