Weather remains moist in early March in most Brazilian coffee areas


    Moisture remains high along the coffee belt in Brazil at the beginning of March. In the north of Paraná and west of São Paulo, the forecast is for accumulated precipitation of 100 mm until next Monday (8). In the strip that goes from Mogiana (SP), passing through the south, Cerrado, and Matas Region in Minas Gerais, and reaching the south of Espírito Santo, the accumulated moisture in seven days must vary between 35 and 70 mm. The greatest volume of rain must be concentrated between next Friday and Sunday (7).

                Moisture is also expected to remain high in the second week of March. From March 10 to 16, the accumulated rainfall must reach 20 mm between the north of Paraná and Alta Paulista. In the region that extends from Mogiana, south and Cerrado of Minas Gerais, to the south of Espírito Santo and south of Bahia, the accumulated moisture must reach 40 mm. The heaviest rainfall must occur in Matas de Minas, with an accumulation of 50 mm. The forecast is from Somar Meteorologia.